LA Forwards & Backwards

Planning For Equity

Laura Raymond of ACT-LA joins us to discuss recent successes of the "Transit-Oriented Communities program," why the market can't solve all problems, and the importance of regional planing that integrates a racial equity approach from the start. We talk about work to expand equitable transit-oriented development across LA County and the need to build upon, not undermine, such work at the state level.

What Is Affordable Housing?

KeAndra Dodds of Enterprise Community Partners joins the show for a conversation about what "affordable housing" means, how the different types of affordable housing get built, and how local ballot initiatives like Measures H, HHH, and JJJ and recent state housing bills are part of this evolving landscape. If you've been affordable housing-confused or just affordable housing-curious, this is the episode for you.


Jessica Meaney of Investing in Place talks with us about how she came to found a transportation-advocacy organization, the often-ugly history of transportation in LA, and reasons for hope in present-day. We discuss Measure M, the massive funding measure passed by LA County voters in November 2016, some of the good things it'll do and where we need to keep pressing the Metro Board and the 88 city councils across the county.

Criminal Justice Reform

Zach Hoover of LA Voice joins the show for a discussion of spiritually-based organizing, the enduring legacy of white supremacy, including “The New Jim Crow” of mass incarceration and repressive policing. We discuss the generational challenges we must overcome to create a fair society and the work of multiracial coalitions in confronting today’s architecture of injustice.

Affordable Housing & Equitable Development

Mariana Huerta Jones of ACT-LA talks about their coalition's campaigns to create housing and transit that serve all Angelenos, including the backstory on Measure JJJ which City voters approved in November 2016 and how we can follow up to make sure implementation is done right. Plus a bite-sized segment on the history of inequitable development in LA to help us understand the present moment.

Street Vending

For our inaugural podcast, we talk Street Vending and the campaign to decriminalize the immigrant entrepreneurs who keep our streets lively and well-fed with fresh fruit. Featuring an interview with Rudy Espinoza, ED of LURN, and a leader of the campaign. Plus a deep dive in the history of vending globally and in Los Angeles to give a context for the present day and where we go from here.