A Tour Through The Internet

If we only had the internet to learn about anything, we would have all sorts of visual media through which to wade. And what about Biblical figures? What if we were to use Google and YouTube to learn about the Biblical character Jezebel? The most recent and popular postings, arguably, are accurate indications of pop culture regarding Jezebel. As such, they indicate current conceptions of this character.

My goal was to recreate the experience of learning about Jezebel using the internet. The graphics featured in this video essay are recreations of actual search results.


Project Questions

  1. What are the current conceptions of the Biblical figure Jezebel as demonstrated by various internet tools?

  2. How are these “conceptions” dispersed?

  3. By who? For whom?

  4. As a result, how and to what degree are people affected?


  • Compile a montage of media featuring the word “Jezebel”

  • Restrict montage to media occurring in the first page of search results on Google and YouTube

  • Count the total views and total comments